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Company Profile

Mind Kinesis Management International LLP (MKMI) was formed to build life transformational tools onto a proven success framework, which will guide you towards the success that they want. We all know that one of the critical success factors to achieve what you want in life is to have a mentor who will be there for us throughout our journey. Our programme serves as a mentor as it is the ONLY programme in the world to build Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) tools into a step-by-step proven system that not only teaches you how to fish, but your performance will be tracked through a structured coaching programme until you achieve your first milestone. In addition, we are the ONLY NLP Institute that provides Lifetime Support to help you reach your goals.

MKMI also brings inspirational and knowledge enhancement workshops and seminars to corporations for all levels including CEOs, Managing Directors, Managers and Executives and school training for teachers as well as students for in-house programmes.

Our Vision

To be Asia’s leading provider of NLP & Wealth training and education

Our Mission

To motivate and empower people to reach their destiny with powerful systems and techniques that Produce Tangible Results.


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Our Social Cause

Our company strongly believed in giving back to the society. As such, we have volunteered our time and resources to help different organizations on a yearly basis. Organizations that have benefitted include the following:

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