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Multiple Income Stream Creation Programme (MISCP)




"Choose To Create Multiple Sources

of Income

Learn How To Create Multiple Sources of Income

& Beat Inflation Without Quitting Your Job

  • Are you worried about the inflation and the rising cost of living? 
  • Is your annual increment lesser than the current inflation rate?  
  • Are you thinking of creating more sources of income but don’t know how?
  • Are you feeling trapped in your job while hoping to start something part-time for yourself such as a small business?
  • Do want to earn more money without incurring too much risk for you and your family?
  • Are you considering to quit your job because they are not paying you well?
  • Are you still fighting to pay off debt every month, feeling depressed, down and helpless?

We are here to help you just like we have helped others by coaching you how to create multiple streams of income…..

In the Value Investing Academy™ (VIA) Training you will learn:


1. The Mindset of Millionaire Value Investors  

Value Investors think differently from Traders and Speculators which is why they act differently from Traders and Speculators. Where most people see problems or crisis in the stock market, Value Investors see opportunities. In this segment, you will learn …

  • What Value Investors invest in where Traders and Speculators do not
  • The Principles of Successful Investors which make them RICH
  • The Steps to Being a Value Investor

2. What Stocks to Buy

For years, many had tried to beat the stock market, but many got slaughtered by the stock market. You can make money from the stock market if you have a proven methodology of filtering the gems from the thousands within an exchange.

In Value Investing Academy™ (VIA), you will be taught the 8 step-by-step VIA Funnel to identify the true gems from the rest. This VIA Funnel is modelled after Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world.



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3. When to Buy These Stocks

Short-term perspective, news and events and irrational actions make the stock market an extremely volatile place. Only when you are able to determine the target entry point by logical mathematical calculation, are you able to ensure that you are buying a great stock at a below-market-value price. Without a proven formula, the market will slaughter you even when you pick a great stock. With a proven formula, you can have a peace of mind, knowing that your riches are secured. You will be trained the Set of 5-Step Formula that pin-points the entry into the stock market.


4. Where to Find These Stocks

Everyday, we are drowning with information, advices and tips. Where is the correct place to even start looking for the right stocks? VIA offers 4 Proven Ways to shortlist potential stocks.

5.  When to Sell

Ultimately, if you do not know when to sell, you can still lose even if you know where to find, what to buy, when to buy. Many had fallen into the trap where they sink with the stocks and only letting go when the stocks hit bottom. Many investors still hold on to losers and are confused as to what to do next. Some hold winners which eventually turn to losers. VIA provides 3 Exit Points and this completes the blueprint of an intelligent investor.


Along with VIA, comes an additional bonus day where Value Investing Options Strategy (VIOs),  a proprietary strategy is taught where a near guaranteed returns can be made, either yearly or even monthly. The method has been tested, proven and has produced extraordinary results with minimum risk. The VIOs strategy works based on Value Investing Principles which had been proven for decades. With thorough research and a wholesome plan, VIOs can boost your returns and create a stream of passive income.


Why We Can Help You 

BSc (Beijing University), ACCA, CFA
Professional Value Investor



Liu Feng came to Singapore in 1994 and went from a mere S$100 in his wallet to a millionaire. Armed with a strong determination, he made majority of his fortune through Value Investing using principles created by Warren Buffet. Across the years, he has accumulated extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in stock investing so much so that he constantly impart his knowledge to people around him.

Liu Feng graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Peking University, one of the top universities in China. He has also passed his ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) exams in year 2002 and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams in 2005.

Liu Feng specialized in stock investment. Since the very first time that he had read a book about Warren Buffet in 1996, he has since done extensive studies on Value Investing Gurus like Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch and John Neff. Through continuously fine-tuning his investment model, combined with his investment experience, he has founded a set of Investment Philosophies, Value Investing Principles and Methodologies that will help you to create passive income. Numerous students have found his teaching easy to understand and absorb, thus they have benefited tremendously from his insight on stock investments.

As a Master Trainer of Value Investing with Mind Kinesis Management International, he incorporates real life case studies of numerous Singapore-listed companies into his training, thus making it easy for trainees to relate to. In addition, the training will be coupled with a systematic and proven methodology in which the trainees can gain an ‘UNFAIR’ advantage in the stock market.



Isn’t it time to invest in YOUR FUTURE?


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