Home Empowered Kids

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The objective of this module is to let students to be aware of themselves and equipped the students with the skills to take charge of their lives and performing at their peak abilities.

  1. Life Success Principles – By learning timeless principles used by CEO’s, world-class athletes and everyday people, it provides a strong foundation towards greater confidence and maturity.

  2. Designing Powerful Life Goals – Each of us is born with a life purpose. Identifying and acknowledging this purpose is the most important action successful person take.

  3. Modelling – Pathway to Success  Success always leaves a clue and by following this clue, you will be able to reach the end-point faster.

  4. Developing Empowering Beliefs – Students will learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and empower themselves with powerful beliefs such that they can ignite their passion towards success.

  5. Develop Total Confidence & Motivation – Students will learn how they can manage their emotional states such that they can stay confident and motivated while managing their negative emotions.

  6. Family Communication  & Relationship – Understanding this relationship and building this strong bond is critical as the home environment provides a necessary support for the student to succeed.

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