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serene-ng31"Best Life Course!"

"It is one programme which I would recommend friends to attend. Given a choice of many other certifications I have already attended, This Is The Best! This Is The Best Life Course! Thank you Cayden for the Best Life Teaching. The tools are valuable and no money can buy with Cayden's Gracious Teaching."

Serene Ng, Engineer


jane-lee1"Programme Provides Various Dimensions For Change" 

"The programme has provided a framework for quick reference in Problem-Solving. The various dimensions in the framework identify possible means for change in order to obtain results. Cayden is very animated and very Passionate about what he does."

Dr Jane Lee, Head Research (Pedegogy) 



cassandra1"Found a New Career in Life!" 

Fantastic! Definitely Worth Attending! The programme is indeed EYE-OPENING and very constructive in providing insight into what I can actually do to achieve more in life! The main reasons why I sign up for the programme was Cayden's drive and sincerity. During the preview, I found Cayden very positive, dedicated, diligent and convincing especially when he shared his life story with us!"

Cassandra Tee, Executive Secretary 






Lim-Cheng-Hoo“Increased in Monthly Income By Taking Massive Action!” 

“The programme has clarified my goals and put them into action. It has also provided me with the NLP tools as my resources and the programme has helped me removed my limiting beliefs in entirety. Cayden is also very passionate in everyone’s life changing experience and is concerned about having everyone to apply what have been learnt into achieving goals”.

Lim Cheng Hoo, Insurance Adviser 



Danny-Ong“The NLP tools helped him to boost his income through closing two 6-figure contracts! It has also provided me with the confidence to venture into Thailand” 

"The programme is lively, energetic and positive. Cayden - WELL DONE!. I strongly believed that more people can benefit from your programme."

Danny Ong, Sales Manager 



sean-seah11"Everybody Need This Course. Programme Was Truly Amazing!" 

"Before the progamme, I thought I already knew a lot about NLP and felt that I had no time to attend. Attending this course actually made me realised that there is so many things I still didn't know and now I am clearer with myself and I felt UNSTOPPABLE, NO LIMITS! I felt that this programme is Truly Amazing. It is giving me the energy and focus I need to make my dreams come true much faster. I felt that Everybody Need This Course"

Sean Seah, Army Officer





“Overcame Fear In Presentation & Public Speaking and now Travels in the Region Doing Product Training and Closing Sales!”

“The programme has boost my confidence in public speaking and discipline my thinking in life goals setting and action. It has also expanded my beliefs and values in terms of understanding myself. Cayden has impressed me with his personal commitment to draw out the best in all individuals. His sincerity is touching and his passion is infectious.”

Juan Pei Ling, Sales Manager 



He-Liwen“Pursued her dream of becoming a World Famous Interpreter!” 

"The programme is great! A lot of fantastic themes and practices that reinforced the ideas taught in the programme. I have learnt the methods to master my mind, control my emotions and build rapport with people. I would like mention that not only is Cayden a very personable person, who works well with clients, he's also very passionate about this career of empowering people to reach their goals and living a fulfilling life. His helpfulness, upbeat and consistently motivated attitude towards himself and others around him have greatly encouraged me to approach him for guidance and advices on attaining my goals. I always feel refreshed and motivated when I attend his NLP course. It's a thoroughly enjoyable, fun-filled and knowledge-packed course that I am so glad to discover and attend! Cayden is a wonderful life coach! "

He Liwen  


Endang“Overcame her Procrastination, Started Her Training Company and Did Her 1st Training in Jakarta!”

"The programme is fantastic and worth every cent of money. I'll recommend to anyone who wants to anyone who wants to study NLP. Cayden is also very sincere, hands-on and always try to make participant get the most out of the programme."

Endang (Indonesia), I.T. System Analyst 




Jasmine-Tan“Found Her True Passion in Life!”

"I have discovered the other side of myself through this programme, the side that I never thought I can achieve. This program has benefited me alot, Firstly, i m more receptive towards feedback. Secondly, I learnt to put my dreams and goals into action plan and execute it, that's a huge step for me. Thirdly and most important, I learnt to overcome my limiting beliefs and model after those who have already succeed. There were obstacles that I faced during this program. But the program has helped me to persist on. Now, with the trading course on going and the start of the yoga instructor course, I feel so motivated. A BIG THANK to you Cayden!"

Jasmine Tan, Accountant



chris-lee11"Changed His Life!" 

"Cayden has imparted and Changed My Life. The programme has instilled in me and teaches me to have Courage and Strength to break away from my limiting beliefs as well as negative past experience".

Chris Lee, Systems Engineer 



Michael-Ong“Completed long distance run of 15km, Lost Weight and Stayed Healthy”

"The programme has helped me to remove my limiting beliefs, how to anchor for peak performance and understand how to manage inner state through the use of NLP tools.

The programme has EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATION. Well done! It's a course that I will recommend if a friend ask me about NLP programme."

Michael Ong, Country Manager




“Overcame his Fear in Public Speaking, Completed 10 Public Speaking Projects in his Toastmasters Club & Being Awarded the Competent Communicator Award

“The programme has changed the state of my mind to the positive and removed my limiting beliefs. I am also more sensitive and aware of the people feeling around me. Cayden is very engaging and able to keep the class alive. He is very passionate about his teachings until we get the concept right. He is also sincere and able to inject humour into his teachings.”

Joshua Ho, Head (Voice & Innovation)



S-Arivazhagan“Increased His Confidence and He Conducted a Training Programme in a Organizational Development Conference”

“The programme has allowed me to release my negative belief system. It has also allowed me to see, hear, feel the different perspectives that people bring as well as increase my sensory acuity in communication. Cayden has also kept the class on their feet by holding the interest of the participants.”

S. Arivazhagan, Leadership Instructor


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